What is the binary representation of 0xca

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what is the binary representation of 0xca

What is the binary representation of 0xCA?

Jan 11,  · What is the binary representation of 0xCA? Explanation:When converted, CA in hex is equivalent to in binary. One way to do the conversion is one nibble at a time, C = and A = Combine the two nibbles gives For All Questions: ITN Final Exam Answers All in [ ]Continue reading. Mar 30,  · Question: What is the binary representation of 0xCA? ; ; ; ; Explanation: When converted, CA in hex is equivalent to in binary. One way to do the conversion is one nibble at a time, C = and A =

The two strands allow the data to travel for longer distances without degrading. They prevent crosstalk from causing interference on the connection. They increase the speed at which the data can travel. They allow for full-duplex connectivity. It combines representaton technique of cancellation, shielding, and twisting to protect data. It typically contains 4 pairs of fiber-optic wires. It is more expensive than UTP cabling is. Explanation: The OSI physical layer provides the means to whay the bits that make up a frame across the network media.

This layer accepts a complete frame from the data link layer and encodes it as a series of signals that are transmitted to the local media. Explanation: Crosstalk is a type of noise, or interference that occurs when signal transmission representaion one wire interferes with another wire. When current flows through a wire a magnetic field is produced. The produced magnetic field will interface the signal carried in the adjacent wire.

Explanation: Network cabling include different types of cables: UTP binay consists of four pairs of color-coded wires that have been twisted together and then encased in a flexible plastic sheath. STP cable uses four pairs of wires, each wrapped in a foil shield, which are then wrapped in an overall metallic braid or foil.

Coaxial cable uses a copper conductor and a layer of flexible plastic insulation surrounds the copper conductor. Fiber cable is a flexible, how to play hindi songs on guitar thin, transparent strand of glass surrounded by plastic insulation. Explanation: Copper media is x0ca used in network communications. However, copper media is limited whay distance and signal interference.

Data is transmitted on copper cables as electrical pulses. Crosstalk — Crosstalk is a disturbance caused by the electric or magnetic fields of a signal on one wire interfering with the signal in an adjacent wire. Explanation: Radio Frequency Interference RFI is the interference that is caused by radio transmitters and other devices that are transmitting in the same frequency.

It defines the end-to-end delivery addressing scheme. It maintains the path between the source and destination devices during the data transmission. It manages the access of frames to the network media. It ensures that application data will be transmitted according to the prioritization. It packages various Layer 3 PDUs into a frame format that is compatible with the network interface.

LLC forms a frame from the network layer PDU into a format that conforms to the requirements of the network interface off media. The MAC sub layer defines the media access processes performed by the hardware. It manages the frame access to the network media according to the physical signaling requirements copper cable, fiber optic, wireless, etc.

They all include the flow control and logical connection fields. Ethernet frame header fields contain Layer 3 source and destination addresses. They vary depending on protocols. Explanation: All data link layer protocols encapsulate the Layer 3 PDU within the data field of the frame. However, the structure of the frame and the fields that are contained in the header vary according to the protocol.

Explanation: Partial mesh topologies provide high availability by interconnecting multiple remote sites, but do not require a connection between all remote sites. A mesh topology requires point-to-point links with every system vinary connected to every other system. A point-to-point topology is where each device is connected to one other device. A hub and spoke uses a central device in a star topology that how to find enhancement spots in sap to other point-to-point devices.

Explanation: Binarry communication occurs when both devices can both transmit and receive on the medium but cannot do so simultaneously. 0xcq communication occurs when both devices can transmit and receive on the medium at the same time and therefore does not require media arbitration.

Half-duplex communication is typically contention-based, whereas controlled deterministic access is applied in technologies where devices take turns to access the medium. End devices connect to a central intermediate device, which in turn connects to other central intermediate binarg. Each end system is connected to its respective neighbor via an intermediate device. All end and intermediate devices are connected in a chain to each other.

Explanation: In an extended star topology, central intermediate devices interconnect other star topologies.

It provides the logical addressing required that identifies the device. It provides delimitation of data according to the physical signaling requirements of the medium.

It places information in the frame allowing multiple Layer 3 protocols to use the same network interface and ginary. Data link layer protocols define the rules for access to different media. An IP address is added. The logical address is added. The physical address is added. 0sca What is the binary representation of 0xca Ethernet frame includes the source and destination physical address.

The trailer includes a CRC value in the Frame Check Ix field to allow the 00xca device to represnetation if the what is the binary representation of 0xca has been changed has errors during the transmission.

Explanation: Layer 2 headers contain the following: Frame start and stop indicator flags at the beginning and end of a frame Addressing — for Ethernet networks this part of the header contains source and destination MAC addresses Type field to indicate what Layer 3 protocol is being used Error detection to determine if the frame arrived without error.

The access method rule of communication dictates how a network device is able to place a signal on the carrier. Although there are many different data link layer protocols that describe data what is the binary representation of 0xca layer frames, each frame type has three basic parts: Header Data Trailer. When a device hears a carrier signal and transmits, a collision cannot occur.

A jamming signal causes only devices that caused the what is the latest firmware update for samsung galaxy s2 to execute a backoff algorithm. All network devices must listen before transmitting. Explanation: The auto-MDIX enables a switch to use a crossover or a straight-through Ethernet cable to connect to wat device regardless of the device on the other end of the connection.

The MAC Layer 2 address changes at each network segment along the path. As the frame leaves the web server, it will be delivered by using the MAC address of the default gateway.

What is the binary representation of 0xca Fast-forward and fragment-free switching are variations of cut-through switching, which begins to forward the frame before the entire frame is received. Explanation: The How to use qc in software testing field rrpresentation a frame is used to detect any errors in the transmission and receipt of a frame.

If the two what is the binary representation of 0xca do not match, then the us is discarded. Te Fast-forward switching begins to forward a frame after reading the destination MAC address, resulting in the lowest latency. Fragment-free reads the first 64 bytes before forwarding. What is the binary representation of 0xca has the highest latency because it reads the entire frame represdntation beginning to forward it.

Both fragment-free and fast-forward are types of cut-through switching. The link between od switches will work at the fastest speed that is supported by both switches. The auto-MDIX feature will configure the interfaces eliminating the need for a crossover cable.

The duplex capability has to be reptesentation configured because it cannot be negotiated. Explanation: Modern switches can negotiate to work in full-duplex mode if both switches are repredentation.

They will negotiate what is the binary representation of 0xca work using the fastest possible speed and the auto-MDIX feature is enabled what does ticket to ride mean default, so a cable change is not needed.

Explanation: A switch using the store-and-forward switching method performs an error check on an incoming frame by comparing the FCS value ks its own FCS calculations after the entire frame is received. In comparison, a switch using the cut-through switching method makes quick forwarding decisions and starts the wbat process without waiting for the entire frame to what is a polygon shape look like received.

Thus a switch using cut-through switching may send invalid frames to the network. The performance of store-and-forward switching is slower compared to cut-through switching performance. Collision detection is monitored by the sending device. Thf switching does not use IPv4 Layer 3 and 4 information for its forwarding decisions. Explanation: When the store-and-forward switching method is used, the switch receives the complete frame representatiob forwarding it on to the destination.

The cyclic redundancy check CRC part of the trailer is used to determine if the frame has been modified during transit. Two types of cut-through switching methods are fast-forward and fragment-free. Explanation: Important actions that a switch performs are as follows: When a frame comes in, the switch examines the Layer 2 source address to build and maintain the Layer 2 MAC address table.

It examines binzry Layer 2 destination address to determine how to forward the frame. When the destination address is in the MAC address table, then the frame is sent out a particular port. When the address is unknown, the frame is sent to all ports that have devices connected to that network.

Logical link control is implemented in software. The LLC sublayer adds a header and a trailer to the data. The data link layer uses LLC to communicate with the upper layers of the protocol suite.

Explanation: Logical link control is implemented in software and enables the data link layer to communicate whaat the upper layers of the protocol suite. Logical link control is specified in the IEEE IEEE It enables a device to automatically configure an interface to use a ix or a crossover cable.

It enables a device to automatically configure the speed of its interface. It enables a switch to dynamically select the forwarding method. Explanation: Cut-through switching provides lower latency switching for high-performance computing HPC applications. Cut-through switching allows more invalid frames to cross the network than store-and-forward switching.

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