What is the best handgun caliber for self defense

By Kazrabar | 10.12.2020

what is the best handgun caliber for self defense

The Best Handgun Caliber for Your Concealed Carry Weapon?

May 20, †Ј I am in the same camp with you: I personally believe S&W is the optimum handgun self-defense caliber (when shooting it out of full-size handguns). You get more expansion and heavier bullet weights for defeating intermediate barriers at oblique angles (such as vehicle windshields) compared to 9mm Luger. The 9mm Luger is considered the best self-defense pistol to use with Cor-Bon 9mm grain +P Jacketed Hollow Point bullets. This is the most powerful cartridge available and a proven man stopper for the 9mm caliber of bullets.

Handguns Self Defense. Handguns are the go-to self-defense firearms of choice for millions of Americans. Not all handguns are alike, and many folks believe that bullet caliber plays a big role in how how to change youtube parental settings a pistol is for a self-defense situation.

To really answer what handgun calibers are ideal for self-defense situations, you have to consider what factors actually matter in such a scenario. Picture the following event:. So, there are already a few things to consider if you were to try to stop this attacker or burglar. Join PatriotPlanet.

Join Today! The last two aspects are similar but also a little different. Bullet stopping power is more accurately described in this case as destructive damage. This does play a role with initial stopping power as well, as bullets that can penetrate more easily might get through a tough leather jacket or other thick materials he might be wearing. While bullet caliber and other bullet attributes can play a big role in a self-defense situation, accuracy your shot placement will matter more than any other factor.

So our first piece of advice would be this: become an expert marksman with your chosen self-defense handgun. A side note: shotguns and rifles are almost universally better for self-defense in terms of actually stopping attackers. They carry heavier cartridges on average and produce more stopping power by virtue of their bullet velocities. Larger calibers mean bigger bullets, which mean either more penetration power or more stopping power. Such bullets may or may not be faster than smaller caliber bullets, depending on the powder loads contained in a given cartridge.

Caliber does matter for stopping attackers, certainly. For instance, if you have a high caliber pistol, even a glancing shot is likely to stop a burglar and send them running. A small glancing bullet from a. All this is to say that you should generally stay away from small game or varmint hunting cartridges like.

Larger cartridges are better for their stopping power and killing potential. Watch this video from First World Crusader to see their top 5 handguns perfect for beginners:.

What self-defense caliber how to make paper mache clay without joint compound do you have in mind? Let us what is the best handgun caliber for self defense in the comments section!

Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter what is the best handgun caliber for self defense, and Pinterest! Disclaimer: All content on this site is for informational purposes only. Please read our full disclaimer here. I live II live in a townhouse with thin wall. Would a be enough stopping power while reducing the odds of shooting my neighbor? A revolverl that chambers a. I usually shoot 9mm in a Glock 19 or a Sig I know the only way to really know is to shoot one but can anyone give me some comparisons to help me decide?

I too have the Judge as my nightstand 1st go to andwith backups of 12g 00buck and a 9mm Sig And yes i practice as often as time permits. While the. SureЕ a. But it may knock YOU down, too! Better look into stun guns or a less lethal alternative? Maybe talk with an attorney about getting the Felony removed?

I am in a cheep hair permanently. What would be my concerns with shooting one of those from a wheelchair? I am in a wheelchair permanently. What would be my concerns with shooting one of those from a wheelchair. Hey John I love my Judge but I have not had any luck finding those triple aught. I hope you guys are wrong about the small caliber handgun. I bought my wife a. I think she will be okay. She is hitting head shots at 50 yards! Shot placement when using a handgun is more critical than caliber IMO.

As long as you can use your arms and hands, no problem at all. However regardless what you choose I recommend taking a shooting course and train. Using high velocity. Three or four. Also your family members will be subject to the same volume as you and the bad guy which can be very disorientating to all parties in this situation.

Have had this gun since I got back from Nam. Yes it is heavy to a point, but, got very good with it. The best gun tom protect yourself is a Charter Arm. Need to buy ammo online.

I have many other pistols and rifles, but for personal protection, the 32 maguim is my favorite. Birdshot from a short shotgun is an effective choice for in home defense. Over penetration is an issue with any high speed projectile. Plenty of stopping power. My best hope is that I will never have the occasion to use it for self defense.

These are a little pricy but when your life is on the line cost is no object. All of the calibers and types of guns aside. You need to study the way the bullets are engineered and consider that some of the smaller rounds are just as effective as some of the larger rounds with modern engineering. Another big part of the effectiveness of a round is shot placement.

Another issue is the availability of a loaded serviceable weapon. Do you have the security and wherewithal to keep a loaded weapon readily available anytime and anywhere you need to deploy it. You mental makeup; ie. Also are you able to shoot someone to hit center of mass or the head, or will you fall apart as soon as deadly force is required? Every gun owner needs to practice combat shooting with simunitions, paintballs, etc.

There is so much more to say on this how to find rate of interest for loans, but most importantly, know your weapon, know what to see around marseille and know your laws regarding self defense, the defense of others and the defense of you living quarters.

I was told hollow points are not friendly in this gun??? I am a 65 year old disabled grandmother. I have arthritic hands and cannot push safety off on Glock.

I have a 38 special revolver but I would like something with more shots than 5. Anyone have suggestions for a handgun to carry for protection. I have a license to carry. Buds is dependable. Glock Only drawback is finding available. Black Talon is no longer on the public market, but you can substitute other home defense loads. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Email: [email protected] Phone: All Rights Reserved This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission.

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Best Handgun Calibers and Rounds for Self Defense

Nov 14, †Ј Best Starter Kit for Concealed Carry: S&W M&P 9 SHIELD $ Sportsman's Warehouse. Safariland IWB Holster $ Sportsman's Warehouse. Safariland Raise Your Concealed Carry IQ: NEXT STEP: Download Your Free Storm Tactical Printable Target Pack.

Having the best caliber for self-defense in your defense arsenal only means more preparedness and adaptability. It is the diameter or bore inside the barrel of a gun. It can also refer to the diameter of the bullet or the projectile the gun fires. These days, it seems everybody has an opinion. Join PatriotPlanet. Join Today! With all the information available at our fingertips tips, I prefer to speak to people and gain firsthand experience of what I am seeking. Now, I am sure lots of people have some self-defense training and wisdom in this field.

I like to give you some personal references based on experiences with firearms over the last 38 years. You need to be as comfortable with your choice of a firearm as you are with your clothes. I can preach all day about benefits, calibers, numbers, and pressure. My top 5 calibers for self-defense are , 12 gauge, 9mm, 40 cal, and mag. In no particular order, I will explain these selections:.

The 12 gauge is excellent if you want a home defense shotgun or if you need to carry a weapon in your vehicle. When you use the right ammo, you can use it as a scattergun. You may also use it as a close-quarters combat weapon and a barricade breaker if necessary. Also, if you buy a shotgun without a pistol grip, you can utilize it as a weapon without switching your grip.

A 9mm is what I am comfortable shooting, and the ammo is the cheaper of the bunch. It allows you to practice and be more familiar with your firearm. The 40 cal is what I carry on most days.

I have a Ruger SR40C , which is perfect for my hands and my grip. It fits me, which I believe is the most crucial aspect of choosing a self-defense caliber and weapon. Last is my personal favorite, as well as the one I sell the most. It is a good old-fashioned revolver called mag.

There is a good reason why I chose this weapon. It offers the option of shooting three different kinds of ammo in the same gun. It is reliable, and you have less to think about under stress. You can just aim and pull the trigger. You may not always have the luxury of being able to check to see if you chambered a round before using a firearm. As far as home self-defense weapons go, I like the double buck for the shotgun.

There will be nine balls that are caliber in size coming out of the barrel. They will leave the barrel around 1, to 1, fps depending on the load and the brand you choose. This gives you a significant amount of stopping power. Even without a vital hit, it should slow or stop whatever you are trying to disable. You can also use this as far as a car gun or even a hunting round. When you get into handgun rounds, options, and weights, the is an excellent choice for pocket carry or even a waist holster.

When you want a pistol that fits in your pocket, it is hard to beat the Ruger. It is small, light, and easy to handle. It also gives you eight shots and an excellent option for personal defense. You have other options, such as 9mm defense ammo and 40 cal, but they are bulky and heavy than the option. I have a Ruger SR40C, which is my personal favorite to shoot.

The shorter clip with the thumb extension is perfect for my hands. I also have the Ruger SR9C. It is the same thing as the 40 when it comes to weight, size, and handling. They are both over 24 ounces and 7 inches long, though.

I am a Ruger fan, but there are many other excellent options out there. All manufacturers make great weapons that can be better than nothing in a bad situation. With all these options available to you, there is no excuse for not offering protection to yourself or your family.

With all the options in firearms, there are just as many ammo that goes in each. Hornady, Winchester, and Nosler are a few that offer a great variety of self-defense ammunition. The 9mm has a grain bullet that leaves the barrel around 1, fps. When I think of personal self-defense techniques, I am not as concerned with speed as I am with impact. I am only trying to eliminate the threat, and I want some stopping power. The Critical Duty ammo has a flex tip, which allows for consistent expansion Ч the jacketed bullet bonds itself with the core.

It provides a stronger bullet, thus, giving you great penetrating power if necessary. They, along with all the other ammo producers, have a variety of options. The point behind this is to give suggestions and direction for you to start or maybe to change your mind. Check out this video by The Daily Shooter on why the gauge is great for home defense:. View Results.

When I was heavy into selling firearms for a national chain of sporting goods stores, people often asked me about the best and perfect weapon and caliber. Always remember, what fits me may not fit you. I encourage you to get out and shoot more calibers.

You can take the used ones into their range for a small fee. You can then try to see if it fits you and what you are looking for. This is a fantastic choice for people who have not been around firearms much. It must be within your desired weight. Practice, be proactive, and be safe with everyone around you. Keep in mind it may not always be just your life you are protecting.

Do these 5 calibers for self-defense make it on your list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Follow us on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , and Pinterest! Disclaimer: All content on this site is for informational purposes only. Please read our full disclaimer here.

I like this site. It is very awesome in my book. I own a tp45 verynice handgun perfect for home defense. Get up on the wrong side of the bed? A magazine is designed as a device that holds ammo to be fed into the chamber of a firearm. A clip is designed as a device to hold ammo together to be ready to load into a magazine or cylinder of a firearm.

A clip is used to hold ammunition and assist in loading the magazine. Magazines hold ammo for storage before use. There are many clips available on the market today. Stripper clips, moon clips etc but all serve the same purpose, ie helping get the ammo into the magazine. I do not know why 22 mag is not a considered caliber. You need to check the ballistics on that caliber. It is far superior to and you can carry more ammunition lighter weight.

That said, my personal favorite is What about the most popular self defense pistol.? The 38 Special. Men and women both can easily carry this pistol. My wife and I carry a 5 shot Smith and Wesson, two inch barrel revolver. A lot of people cannot rack an automatic. I usually carry my Colt. I recently purchased a Remington RP It holds 15 rounds in a staggered mag. The grip is a bit wider, but I have fairly large hands and have no problem hanging on to it.

Police and military have different goals and seek different outcomes than civilians. Their goal is to kill or apprehend the threat. Civilians are looking for neither.

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