What are the strongest pokemon cards

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what are the strongest pokemon cards

Top 10 Strongest Pokemon GX Cards

Dec 03, Pokemon: The 10 Strongest GX Cards, Ranked 10 Thundurus. One of the biggest boons of a GX card is the GX attacks. These powerful moves can only be used once per 9 Tapu Koko. Another excellent legendary Electric-type pokemon, Tapu Koko . Mar 13, The Pokemon training card game is known for being a little less complicated than other TCGs, such as Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to work out some great strategies if you can figure out exactly what kind of playstyle your deck is most suited to.. RELATED: Pokemon Sun & Moon: The 10 Best TCG Card Arts, Ranked.

What are the strongest pokemon cards normal EX cards, when one faints, your opponent gets to draw two Prize Cards collecting six attains victory instead of the usual one. Don't believe me? Destroyer King basically guarantees a Knock-Out in two blows often only oneeradicating opponents before they can counter. She also resists Dark and has a comparatively low Retreat Cost. An energy-efficient fighter who achieves victory through both damage and deck destruction, Mega Absol ends many an adversary.

It warps in with HP and no resistance, but a great move:. Interestingly, Mewtwo's technique accepts energy of any element, not just Psychic, allowing the card to synchronize with just about any deck! No resistance, a hefty Retreat Cost, and an energy-expensive attack barely hold him back from today's top spot, but I love his move:. He's got no resistance, but a low Retreat Cost and a lethal attack:. These guys take time to play but demolish foes with their raw power, and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Answer: What are the strongest pokemon cards, you probably have the Incineroar GX card, which is an official card. Answer: My initial impressions are mid-tier; his attack is powerful if a bit randombut he has no resistance and a high retreat cost. Remember that evolving or retreating will also cure status conditions, but you're right that Mega Venusaur's ability to consistently paralyze and poison is pretty deadly :.

I love MVenosaur because of the paralyzation. When he gets 4 grass energy attached he is almost unstoppable. I hate to say it because I've always loved Gengar, but its Phantom Gate move which copies and uses an opponent's attack what is the meaning of incident an underwhelming technique for a Mega Pokemon.

Players don't evolve three times just to use the attack of a foe that's probably lower-stage and weaker than a regular Mega technique would be. Since that's Mega Gengar's only option, it can be easily stalled by sending a puny Basic Pokemon out.

A low retreat cost and resistance to Fighting help, but not nearly enough to count Gengar among the best of the best. That said, in my second mega card countdown link belowyou might be happy to see some familiar faces! The X version does Damage, but with any active stadium card, it how to write a positive feedback email 50 more thus doing Damage. It also has health.

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New to the Pokemon TCG?

A Holo Rare card from the XY Roaring Skies saga, the Mega-Rayquaza is one of the most potent and interesting cards to have on any Pokemon card deck. With its Dragon Ascent attack which delivers damage and an incredible HP of , this card will easily become one of the strongest if not the most powerful on any battlefield. 18 hours ago RELATED: Pokemon: 10 Strongest Tag Team Cards, Ranked These art-heavy cards are played horizontally over the previous stage and do not change the other stats besides the max HP. Mar 10, Every card you choose to include in your deck makes it unique, and if its important to you - for any reason - thats as good a reason as any to include it. Best Pokemon TCG cards. With all that in mind, here are ten of the best Pokemon cards from throughout the trading card games long history and many expansions.

The Pokemon TCG has undergone many changes since its inception in New generations of Pokemon , characters, and items have all made their way into this branch of the successful Japanese franchise. Pokemon-GX cards are significantly more powerful versions of existing pokemon that have higher HP and stronger attacks. Though, with this greater power comes greater responsibility. Usually, when a pokemon faints in battle the opponent takes a single prize card but when a mighty GX pokemon gets knocked out 2 valued prize cards are retrieved.

Some are better than others, therefore it is crucial for all trainers to know which would be the strongest additions to their decks. One of the biggest boons of a GX card is the GX attacks.

These powerful moves can only be used once per battle, so timing is imperative for making the best use of these special skills. It takes a fair bit of luck to use it to its maximum potential but if the trainer manages to get heads on 4 out of 4 coin-flips, they can unleash a devastating damage.

Another excellent legendary Electric-type pokemon , Tapu Koko from the Guardians Rising expansion can potentially do even more damage. During the later stages of a battle, the opponent could have had plenty of opportunities to stack their pokemon with energy cards. Usually, this is a bad sign but Tapu Koko can make this preparation turn foul for the opponent.

If timed right, this can one-shot almost any foe; even if they are at full HP. This fierce feline from the Team Up expansion is one of the best cards to counter adversaries who deal out a lot of damage. Incineroar's strategy is to soak up hits and then release the payback onto a foe.

For each 10 HP of damage 1 damage counter missing from this Dark-type pokemon , their Darkest Tornado GX attack can dish out 50 damage.

Taking a look at the maximum potential in regards to this pokemon's total HP, they can do an insane damage! Though, allowing one's pokemon to get low enough on health to use this effectively could be risky.

This Xerneas card from the Forbidden Light expansion is also one that can turn the tide due to damage taken. Though, it can do so in a far more versatile way than most other cards with similar effects.

This is a great way to both heal one's team and potentially knock out an adversary at the same time without triggering normal attack modifiers, since this is a "damage counter transfer" move instead of one that deals direct damage. Usually, starter pokemon and legendaries get the coolest attacks and abilities but this Sigilyph card from the Lost Thunder expansion is a welcome exception to this trend.

This Psychic-type monster doesn't have particularly strong attacks but their ability is one of the best in the game for facing off against EX or GX enemies. If Sigilyph takes damage from such a foe, it will automatically be returned in full force, which will make all opposing trainers need to adjust their offense if they intend on using their strongest pokemon. This fan-favorite has seen many iterations in the TCG game. Charizard also tends to get a lot of special treatment from developers due to how beloved they are by fans across the world.

In the Burning Shadows expansion, another borderline broken Charizard card was released which boasts some serious skills. One of their regular attacks can do an immense damage. The energy cost is high, as is the number of discards required after unleashing Crimson Storm, but these are worth it to knock out a dangerous foe in a single turn. Furthermore, if a direct offense is not working, one can use Raging Out GX to potentially mill the opponent out of cards by forcing them to send 10 from their deck to the discard pile.

Another mighty monster from the Burning Shadows expansion, this Darkrai has the ability to knock out the adversary's active pokemon without needing to do damage at all. The only requirement for this move is that the opponent must be suffering from a special condition like Sleep or Poison. The potential for this move is quite high, as it is versatile and can be combined with the attacks and abilities of other pokemon for a truly scary threat to anything the opponent sends out.

On top of this, if Darkrai gets knocked out, their ability lets them return to the bench with one attached energy and no repercussions. With a wealth of powerful attacks, Lugia from the Lost Thunder expansion is an excellent colorless addition to many decks. Their Lost Purge GX attack is one of the most powerful moves in the entire TCG because it can obliterate any adversary in a single turn without needing to do damage.

There are no requirements for this to happen, so the trainer can utilize this trump card at any moment they desire. Furthermore, instead of sending the foe to the discard pile, they get sent to the Lost Zone along with all of their attached cards; meaning that these cards cannot return to the battle under any circumstance.

Most of the Ultra Beast cards tend to power one another up with abilities, though this Guzzlord from the Crimson Invasion expansion operates as a one-pokemon act. Their stronger attacks have high energy requirements, which make them a bit costly and time-consuming to set up but ultimately worth it. The Glutton GX attack can do something very few others can: allow the trainer to collect 2 additional prize cards.

In most battles, each player has 6 prize cards. If one collects all 6 by defeating enemy pokemon, they win. Using Glutton GX at the optimal moment can net a trainer 3 prize cards; potentially winning the battle much earlier than expected. Time mechanics have the potential to be immensely broken in certain games. Manipulating a constant force can lead to the abuse of this ability for great gains. This Dialga from the Forbidden Light expansion lets the trainer do just that. Timeless GX grants one the chance to take another turn immediately after dealing damage.

Not only does this give the player another turn in which to play cards, place energies, and attack; it also skips the opponent's turn, which can royally mess with their strategies. For Steel-type decks, this Dialga should be considered a must-have card. Canadian writer of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

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