Iphone how to unlock screen

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iphone how to unlock screen

How to Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen (2021 Updated)

Dec 08,  · Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone. Then connect your iPhone to your computer while holding the Side button. Keep holding the Side button until you see the recovery mode screen. If you backed up your iPhone, after you remove the passcode, restore your data and settings. Mar 10,  · The easiest method on how to unlock iPhone when screen is broken is to use PassFab iPhone Unlocker. It helps in unlocking the iOS devices or bypassing the lock broken or disabled screen in one click. This tool is completely compatible with latest iOS as well as latest iPhone models.

My son accidentally dropped my iPhone to the floor while playing a game on the phone last night. Although the phone seems alive, the iPhone screen is broken, and the touch screen function is not working. Now, how to unlock an iPhone with a broken screen? What can I do? Thank you very much! You accidentally dropped the iPhone on the floor, and the screen was broken! This is really a sad thing. What's more iphone how to unlock screen is that the screen has no response, so you can't enter the password to unlock the iPhone.

I fully understand your feelings at the moment. However, no need to worry! It is not difficult to solve this problem. We will share six different and effective methods to help you unlock iPhone with broken screen, cracked screen, or unresponsive screen. It's iphone how to unlock screen a troublesome but very common problem.

You can simply draw support from a professional iPhone unlocking tool to do the job. During the entire unlocking process, you will not be asked to enter the original password. But it will thus wipe away the device data after the unlock. So, please back up your locked iPhone on your computer beforehand. Step 1. Then choose "Unlock" among the modules on the interface. Step 2. Afterward, iphone how to unlock screen "Unlock iOS Screen" from the program screen.

Step 3. Step 4. Once getting your device into the Recovery or DFU mode, you can check your iPhone model and system version in the next window. Then, click on "Download" what is considered borderline gestational diabetes download and verify the firmware package.

Step 5. When the firmware download is completed, you can tap on "Unlock Now" to start unlocking your broken iPhone. Once it is done, you can access your broken iPhone successfully. Your iPhone will be unlocked in minutes. If you have kept a backup of your iPhone data on the computer, you can then restore the backup onto your iPhone from your computer. Besides, we can also use iTunes to unlock iPhone with broken screen.

In iphone how to unlock screen case, you can access the iTunes backup file without entering a password. As long as you have enabled the "Find My iPhone" feature on iCloud, you can try this method to unlock iPhone with cracked screen by using iCloud. The following are the detailed steps. When your iPhone screen is cracked and has no response, you can try to use the Siri function to unlock this broken iPhone.

What if you are lucky? Some users may never trust their computers on the broken iPhone, so they can't use the approaches above to solve the problem. At this time, you can enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen via Recovery Mode. Once the iPhone is connected with iTunes, a window will pop up, how to decorate long living room wall you to restore your device.

The final solution to unlock an iPhone with a cracked screen is to plug the iPhone's lightning adapter into a wired USB keyboard and then connect it to the iPhone.

What is a wired USB keyboard? Where can I get it? You can also use a Bluetooth keyboard to help you complete the above tasks. The premise is that Bluetooth has been enabled on your iPhone. When your iPhone is inaccessible due to a damaged screen, it makes you very anxious.

However, every problem has its solution. Above, we introduced six ways to teach you how to unlock iPhone with broken screen. Among them, the first program, iOS Unlockoffering the simplest and most direct solution. It does not require any prerequisites, and anyone can use it easily.

However, if your iPhone's screen is so severely damaged that the hardware does not respond, then you'd better take the device to the official Apple store for repair. No matter which method you ultimately adopt, don't forget to strictly follow the tutorial to prevent the improper operation from outweighing the gain. How to Unlock iPad without Passcode? How to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode? Feedback Help us make our website better for you Please select your question type and we'll guide you to the right service team.

Best 4 Methods to Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen

You got your iPhone screen broken! How to unlock passcode is now bothering you, correct? Well, we can understand how to troublesome it could be to have your iPhone screen wrecked and you may intend to send it to Apple Store to change another screen. But before that, you must be concerned about your personal data. Fret no more!

We're certainly going to help you with how to unlock iPhone with broken screen and erase your data in your iPhone without any hassles! So let's explore the 4 proven ways! Occasionally, your iPhone screen becomes unresponsive and you can't unlock it with your passcode. On this circumstance, a force restart is a magic method to how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen.

Before sending your iPhone to repair, you must want to get into your iPhone and erase your personal data. It helps in unlocking the iOS devices or bypassing the lock broken or disabled screen in one click. This tool is completely compatible with latest iOS as well as latest iPhone models. Therefore you don't have to worry about what iPhone model or series you use.

Whether it is touch ID, numeric code or alphanumeric code, it can work with all of them hassle-free. Step 1: Once you launch the tool after installing, you will notice the three tabs on the screen. Among these, select "Unlock Lock Screen Passcode" to unlock iPhone with broken screen and erase your personal data. Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer. And click "Start" to proceed. Step 3: Download the firmware package. You just need to wait for some moments.

Please make sure the network connection is stable now. Step 4: You will see the "Start Unlock" button, press it. And wait for a few moments. Step 5: Now, you have unlocked your iPhone and erased all your data successfully. If iPhone screen broken how to unlock passcode?

Here is another proven method - restore iPhone with iTunes. Here is what you need to do. Step 2 : Next, from the appearing window, you need to hit on the "Restore iPhone" button available under the "General" Settings tab. Since, your iPhone screen broken, how to unlock an iPhone with a broken screen is next to impossible until you get it repaired.

But we have brought to you a workaround to unlock your device using iCloud's Find My iPhone service. Here's the detailed tutorial for you. Step 2: Next, hit on the "All Devices" drop down menu at the top middle of the screen and select your iPhone from the list of devices. Step 3: Thereafter, you need to hit on the "Erase iPhone" button from the appearing pop up box. If your iPhone is disabled and you forgot your passcode, you can erase iPhone from iCloud or restore it with iTunes.

Erase it, and you can reset your iPhone. Or, you can put your iPhone into recovery mode. Then connect it to the computer, open itunes to restore it.

If both methods didn't work, use PassFab iPhone Unlocker. Of course you can. Just sign into iCloud through any browser, select your device via Find My, and you can erase your iPhone remotely. It is difficult time when you are not able to access your device just because its screen got broken. However, every problem comes with a solution and therefore we have shared some solutions with the help of which you can know how to unlock iPhone with broken screen. We hope that you found this article helpful.

And please share our views with us by dropping comment below. Product-related questions? Try These 4 Amazing Methods! Force Retsart to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen Occasionally, your iPhone screen becomes unresponsive and you can't unlock it with your passcode.

Here are how to force restart differenet iPhones. Release the two buttons when you see the Apple logo. Release them all until the Apple logo appears. Free Download For macOS 11 and below.

PassFab iPhone Unlocker. Free Download. Buy Now.

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