How to wash a down jacket without tennis balls

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how to wash a down jacket without tennis balls

How to wash a down jacket

Nov 08,  · Stir the water and detergent with your hands so the solution is well mixed. Zip up your down jacket and remove any fur trim around the hood. Then soak it in the solution for 30 minutes. Finally rinse well and squeeze as much excess water out by pushing the garment, instead of wringing or twisting the jacket. To get started, use a small amount of stain remover or down wash to treat any really grubby spots. Place your jacket in the washing machine on a warm cycle (not hot or cold) and put in the down wash as directed. Let the jacket run through the cycle and then run it one more time without any detergent to make sure all the soap is removed.

Your down jacket is a trusty companion, always there to keep you warm during frigid Canadian winters, early-season backpacking trips and over-air conditioned flights. It even acts as a pillow on overnight hikes and long travel days.

Over time, sweat, dust and oil from your skin will seep through the material to compromise the fluffy down inside. Or it might not live up to its former warmth. Unless your jacket is really dirty, you can often get away with washing only the soiled spots. Spot washing as much as possible also helps your jacket last longer, since a full wash puts it through a lot more wear and tear. If they differ from this advice, go with their recommendations. Date April 6, Date April 1, Date March 18, Date March 8, Skip to content Skip to navigation.

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How to wash a down jacket. Find out about: Spot washing : For minor coffee spills or mud splotches. Machine washing : Only do this if you have a front-loading washing machine.

Hand washing : A gentle way to get your jacket clean. Storage tips : To keep your puffy how to wash a down jacket without tennis balls as lofty as possible. Shop down cleaners and waterproofers. How to spot wash a down jacket Unless your jacket is really dirty, you can often get away with washing only the soiled spots. Make a paste of a little mild soap like dish soap and water. Hold the soiled shell or liner fabric away from the insulation, and use a toothbrush or cloth to gently clean it.

Rinse the material carefully to what is zinc good for you the inner fill from getting wet, then let your jacket air-dry.

Top-loading machines with a central agitator can cause damage. Use a cleaner designed specifically for down. Some products wash and restore repellency in a single cycle, while others require two separate cycles.

Follow the instructions on the clothing label or down cleaner bottle to wash your jacket. Cradle your jacket like a baby as you carry it from the washing machine to the dryer. Flatten out any clumping in the down before you put it in the dryer.

Follow the drying instructions on the clothing label; this usually means drying your down jacket in a large dryer on the lowest heat setting. Add two or three clean what does ruck mean in rugby balls or dryer balls to help it dry faster and restore loft to the down. Check periodically for clumps. If you find any, try to flatten them out before you return the jacket to the dryer.

This can take awhile, so be patient. How to handwash a down jacket Close all zippers and hook-and-loop attachments. Check the pockets for rogue snacks, too. Fill a large sink or bathtub with lukewarm water and a small amount of mild soap or down cleaner how to wash a down jacket without tennis balls instructions on the bottle.

Submerge the jacket. Push it up and down a few times to work in the suds, then let it soak for a while. If there are any soiled areas on the shell fabric, use a sponge to work them out.

How to prepare for manipal uget the soapy water out of the tub and press as much as possible out of the jacket. Fill the tub with clean water and press it into the jacket, then drain. Rinse repeatedly until the water is clear and free of soap — this might take six or more rinses.

Drain as much water as possible out of the jacket. Related articles How to fix a zipper How to wash waterproof jackets and pants Wool garments for the outdoors. Related articles. Read more. Date March 18, The best ways to get ready for camping season The countdown is on. Follow these tips to hit the campground running. See more articles.

What Is A Down Jacket?

Apr 29,  · Go to your washing machine (preferably a front-loading machine, though I have used a top-down machine before with no issue but the “agitator” of a top down can potential ruin the down feathers), and put your jacket into the washing machine on gentle to normal wash . Using dryer balls will encourage movement of the jacket in the dryer and help the jacket regain its fluff. Grangers Down Wash Kit comes with a down-specific, water-based wash that removes odors and three plastic dryer balls to help with air movement in the dryer. Image courtesy of Amazon. Buy: Grangers Down Wash Kit $ Sep 06,  · Get as much water out before drying as possible. Dry: Relax to the rhythmic sound of a tennis ball tumbling through the dry cycle. The down will be clumpy from its time in the washer, and drying it completely is critical. Tossing a clean tennis ball (or two) in the dryer provides a gentle “smack” to break up the clumps.

Purchasing a down jacket is rite of passage for us outdoor types. Anyone who spends time sleeping, skiing, hiking, or otherwise adventuring outside understands that a down coat or bag, or booties, or gloves, or, yes, even hats can mean the difference between basic survival and enjoyment.

Down offers an unbeatable warmth to weight ratio. Wash: Gear performs better when closest to its original, pristine state. Case in point: the birdbath. Birds know that their down will best protect them when it is clean. Down, specifically, requires a gentle, detergent-free cleaner. We recommend our very own, Nikwax Down Wash Direct , which is specially formulated to launder down feathers without weighing down the loft also see Down Proof, below.

The hard and fast rule is rinse, spin, then spin again. Get as much water out before drying as possible. Dry: Relax to the rhythmic sound of a tennis ball tumbling through the dry cycle. The down will be clumpy from its time in the washer, and drying it completely is critical. Fair warning: this is not a short process and you will likely have moments of clumpy terror when you check on the progress.

Keep resetting the timer until your beloveds are lump-free and fully dry. Results: When you pull your newly revived jacket out of the dryer, not only will it be gleaming with cleanliness, it will also be puffier then when you began the day.

Store: Hang it all out there. Just say no to storing down gear in tight stuff sacks. Store down apparel and sleeping bags hanging freely with plenty of space or hanging in large, breathable bags.

Great product does a great job without tons of suds. I have a down jacket and down vest that need to be cleaned. The jackets got dirt stains on the sleeves from who knows what. Will Down Wash Direct clean the outside of my jacket too? Or should I use Nikwax Tech Wash first? If your jacket has never been washed, then yes, Down Wash Direct DWD will most likely be able to remove that dirt on the first cycle of washing.

Hey Katy! The DWD will cleanse the jacket of all the residue left behind by the standard detergent and the fabric softener… I would even do 2 cycles of DWD, back to back, just to be safe. If it is a softshell, then you want Softshell Proof. Hey nikwax I want to wash a couple of good phd down jackets. They stipulate pure soap. I have some nikwax tech wash. Can I use that?

Hey Kish! Our Down Wash Direct is designed to effectively and gently clean down, while also maintaining the properties of the down. Always in that order. I hvea a down filled jacket with Gore WindStopper shell. Should I use the down procedures or the soft shell? Hey Rafael! For re-waterproofing, you could add Spray-on Softshell Proof to the outside of the jacket, once the jacket has been washed in Down Wash Direct.

Hope that helps! Hey George! Do you happen to have the model of the jacket? Happy to continue to help, if need be. I have a yellow Napapijri Puffa that has some awful stains on the arms and the rear.

Hey Lee! We recommend spot-cleaning with Down Wash Direct. Please give our Customer Service team a call to help with this: We are happy to help! The label says to dry clean or hand wash and line dry. Is it still possible to put this in the washing machine? Also, is it advisable to spin the jacket? Hey John! Step 1 is to always follow the manufacturer garment care label: if it says hand wash or dry clean, I would hand wash in Down Wash Direct to clean it and Down Proof to add water-repellency.

Give our Customer Service team they rock! Some other articles say only cold and another says only warm. Hi Cas! Check the care label on your jacket to see if it gives you any hints. If not, cold is almost always the safest bet. Do I still require the Down Wash as well?

I love this jacket but looking up how to wash it is giving me palpitations! Hi Simon! Yes, you would want Down Wash Direct to clean as it is formulated to be safe for down fill. Do be sure to read the care label on your jacket before washing to be certain of the water temperature allowed. I know that using Down Wash Direct will be the right thing for treating the down, but I then want the Gore Tex hard shell to be cleaned as well and then to be waterproofed. Direct, but can I use that if the jacket is down filled?

Hi Stewart! Try just the Down Wash Direct first, as in addition to cleaning it will revitalize the water-repellency. If after doing this the jacket still needs extra water-repellency, then you can run a second cycle with Down Proof to add in more waterproofing.

Should i just use the down jacket specific product? What if i also want to restore the waterproofing? Although my north face puffer jacket is not technically waterproof but when it rains the droplets do roll off and i does manage to keep the inside dry.

If i were to buy one of them, which would be best? Hi Sarah! For down-filled items please clean with Down Wash Direct. If you need to add water-repellency, use Down Proof. Tech Wash and TX. Direct are great for rain and ski jackets and pants, while our down products are formulated specifically for down feathers which need some special care due to their delicate nature.

For all our products you can tell the difference between the cleaners and the waterproofers by the cap colors. Green is for Clean, Purple is for Proof! Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Have you ever wished your gear was just a little bit lighter? Well now you no longer have to saw off your toothbrush handle or worry if all the cams dangling from your rack will once again prevent you from sending your project.

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