How to use spectrobes cards

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how to use spectrobes cards

Spectrobes – Guide and Walkthrough

To place a spectrobe in the incubator, touch the symbol with the monsters head with the arrows on the top and bottom. Now, select a spectrobe from your party, or one from the list bellow that. After defeating your first boss and returning to your patrol cruiser you will find a new device set up to the top left of your cargo bay. Using it will bring up a fairly interface in which they.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Guide and Walkthrough by scorchy99 Version: 2. Not much to say really I hope it is clear, and accurate with some information you find useful!

First off how to unlock musha gundam have the Table of Contents. But if you use the whole line your search will not come up with anything.

Some sections have multiple codes, such as the mineral list. This is done so the code found in the table of contents leads directly to the section.

The secondary codes found within the walkthrough work just as well, they just keep the guide better organized. Geo info section Version 1. Later in the game, some minerals will appear as if they are combined, such as Onyx, and Zicron.

These minerals have one black mineral accompanied by another mineral which is pink or purple. They offer increases of up to 40 in their particular minergy, but will subtract up to 16 off of the minergy that appears as the color black.

In addition to these how to use spectrobes cards, you will see rarer minerals like platinum, pearl, sapphire, emerald and gold. They will increase all disciplines how to use spectrobes cards minergy by a small amount; but will sell for 10, 15, 20, andGaru. Another interesting type of mineral are the Chroma minerals; although they are not available until after you have beaten the game they hold a unique effect.

They allow you to change the color of your Spectrobes! They come in both yellow and green, and their names and stat increases are listed in that order.

This will take you into the next menu. Here, you find what resembles dirt on the majority of the screen. Your object is to uncover whatever happens to be in the ground; be it fossil, mineral, or cube without destroying it. Upon successful completion you will receive experience points, the item itself, and if applicable a custom part.

In addition to this, what you excavate also depends on the planet you are on, and the point in the game you are currently at. Once you enter the screen, you will see a globe in the middle left hand side of the top screen with X ft.

Where the X is, is the number of times you need to touch the bottom screen before you can begin excavating the mineral. It will allow you to excavate an object at a much faster pace. Furthermore, it will also do alot less damage to the object when using tools such as the large drill.

Drill L. Be forewarned, it does the most damage to the object being excavated. Drill M. Any mineral that you have excavated successfully will be automatically excavated with this tool. Be warned though, you will receive no experience for using it, and it will NOT work on fossils. It also destroys any mineral you have how to set up nintendo wifi connection successfuly excavated before.

Solvent- An interesting tool; it will dissolve the excess debris found on the object, but it is slow. Blast- The blast tool how to use spectrobes cards best when your objects are buried deep.

It does exponential damage to the object in question, and works only both fossils and mienrals. The higher your excavation level is the greater your chances of success. You recieve no experience for using this tool. Sonic- this tool works just like the blower, only it uses the microphone to remove the loose debris. Blow onto the microphone to use the tool, the harder you blow the faster debris is removed. It is also very useful for obtaining custom parts.

They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Spectrobes how to use spectrobes cards have a variety of custom parts that can be found! You cannot take them into battle with you, but they follow you around throughout the game.

You can only have one of these in your party at a time. Choosing the right baby spectrobe is important, because they have many different qualities. Some of them can only find what is a paris brest types of spectrobes, and some cannot find minerals.

Here is a list of all How to use spectrobes cards spectrobes that can find both minerals, and fossils aswell as their scan range. In order to obtain them, you need to have access to the lab, and place baby Spectrobes in the how to use spectrobes cards for a set period of time, and fulfill certain requirements with their statistics.

There is, however a way to avoid the need to train a Spectrobe to get it to evolve. This is through the use of an Evolve Mineral. These can be found on Nessa Planet 4 Area Two by going to the large black vortex that does not move, and completing a 30 round tournament, how much is it to go to the detroit zoo finishing all the rounds you are awarded with said mineral.

After beating the game, there is another how to use spectrobes cards easier way to obtain Evolve minerals, they can be excavated in the ground, there is a section in the TOC dedicated to finding this mineral.

Another interesting aspect of these Spectrobes, is their ability to equip custom parts. For starters, custom parts can be found by excavating a Spectrobe fossil and doing little to no damage to it.

You can tell you received a custom part if there is a O across from Custom Part after completing excavation. There is two custom parts for both the Adult, and Evolved Spectrobes. The only effect they have is to aesthetically alter your spectrobes. There is three different ones. Corona, Flash and Aurora. They also have certain strength and weaknesses. Corona is red, Flash is blue and Aurora is green.

Finally, Rallen can have up to six of these Spectrobes in your party at any time. Two of them, will appear in battle with you. The other four will act as support, and provide increases in speed, attack, charging the CH meter, and defence. Or, whilst in the field if your press X, go to battle set and touch Spectrobes. You can switch them around how to read paternity results. New equipment what do bakers do on a daily basis be purchased normally after defeating a boss Krawl.

You can find the equipment shop by entering NPP HQ, going up until the screen changes, moving down to the bottom of the next screen and turning to the right. Here you will find a man selling the equipment! This is a list of all different types of equipment, their price, and the stats they increase. If your suit is strong against an alignment you will recieve less damage, and if it is weak against one it will take more damage. Neutral suits 'None' under alignment will recieve normal damage from all types of attacks.

Corona is red, Aurora is green and flash is blue. Same goes for your Spectrobes and all enemy Krawl. Touch the box, or press A. Now, you will see two options.

One is entitled "Rallen" the other, "Spectrobes," touch the one called "Rallen. On the left, you see what your currently equipped equipment is increasing your stats by, on the right you find your total stats. At the top of the right side, you see how much Garu you have, and near the bottom you can see your excavating level.

On the bottom screen there is 5 options on the upper part. Touch the one you wish to change. Then drag it onto the green and how to turn a percent into a fraction calculator person close to the right side how to get a moshling the bottom screen and drop it onto it.

You should now see an E in the top right corner of the item you wanted to equip, and the stats as well as how Rallen looks will change depending on the item equipped. Note that: You cannot see healing items you have equipped on Rallen, it will however appear across the bottom of the top screen.

The bosses can easily tear him apart, especially in early game. There is several things you can do to keep Rallen safe. It sounds cruel but it works, you can tell some spectrobes to "stay" and they won't move, so you just stand behind them and you won't get hit.

They knock back enemy Krawl if you get in close with them. Next, is knowing your enemies.

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Aug 20,  · Spectrobes Origins (Wii) ¤ Card Input System ¤ 1. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next. You can use the CH energy to make the Spectrobes do CH techniques, which have stronger effects. When you have enough CH energy press the Y button to . Weight No Evolution Vilakroma (?????? Kuromukanon) is an Evolved form Corona Property Spectrobe. According to its database entry, it is a form of Vilanox. Vilakroma can only be obtained through the Card Input system. 1 Appearance 2 Database 3 Stats Spectrobes Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals 4 Attacks and Abilities 5 Customization Custom Parts Custom Colors 6 .

The Komainu evolutionary line, including its fossilized states. Evolution is present in all games in the series thus far and can be performed by all all non- Ultimate Spectrobes. It is not to be confused with the process of awakening , which reanimates Spectrobes from their dormant Fossil form as Child forms. The purpose of evolving a Spectrobe is to increase its stats, change attack patterns permanently, as well as obtain a new entry for the Database.

Evolution cannot be reversed, but it is optional. As the game progresses, the stats of a Spectrobe will increase via two ways; either by gaining experience from fighting other enemies or obtaining Minergy from eating minerals excavated from the ground. Eventually, the requirements for evolution will be met, and the player can choose to evolve it in an Incubator. The following is an evolution guide for the first game, Spectrobes. In this game, evolution can only take place if a Spectrobe has reached a certain level or stat value, and has spent a set amount of time in the Incubator , with the only exception being some Child Spectrobes which only need to fulfill the time requirement.

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals , the process to evolve Spectrobes has been altered; rather than waiting a certain amount of time or reaching a certain stat to evolve a Spectrobe, other requirements have been put into place for evolution to occur. To evolve a Child form to an Adult form simply requires feeding the Child a certain number of minerals the type of mineral does not matter.

To evolve an Adult form into its Evolved form, in addition to feeding it a certain number of minerals the Spectrobe must also fight a given number of battles and be at a given level. When the Spectrobe is ready to evolve, it will start to sparkle, and the player must press a button on the incubator HUD in order to evolve it. The only method of bypassing these requirements is to feed a Spectrobe one of three special minerals which can only be obtained via Card Input , which instantly allows the Spectrobe to meet one of its three evolutionary requirements.

The detailed effects on minerals and their affinity with certain elements can be read here. The requirements for evolution in Spectrobes: Origins have been greatly simplified; once a Spectrobe reaches a certain level, it only needs to be fed an Evolve Mineral for evolution to occur.

The levels are:. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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