How to take care during pregnancy in marathi

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how to take care during pregnancy in marathi

First Month of Pregnancy – Symptoms, Precautions, and Care

May 22,  · ?????? ????? ???????? ?? ???? ???????? ?????? – Pregnancy Symptoms in Marathi by Dr. Satish Upalkar May 22, Share this. Pregnancy Guide in Marathi ?????????? ????. Pregnancy is a wonderful and a marvelous experience. For each of the forty weeks of pregnancy, you will find information about baby's development, the types of changes that occur within mom's pregnant body, diet, specific info for pregnant moms, pregnancy health and care, safe foods for pregnancy, and your baby's movements, right 4/5().

This is a very special time in your life and the life of your developing infant. You might feel different and have different tastes and strange reactions to familiar things. The nausea and fatigue might be discouraging.

Mostly, these symptoms will disappear after the ninth week. During each month of pregnancy, new changes appear in your body and to your fetus. Here are the changes that occur in the second month of pregnancy. At two months pregnant, be prepared for significant changes to your body.

The baby that grows inside you will reach almost three centimeters by the end of the second month, so the size of your waist will increase. Your breasts may continue to feel tender and swollen. Your skin might be slightly what is intel management and security application, and you might have to endure swelling in your feet. As a father, the second month of pregnancy can present new challenges.

Some foods rich in folic acid are: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, green beans, peas, potatoes, spinach, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, bread, milk, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, eggs, nuts and fish. Pregnant mothers can become moody and emotional.

Try to be understanding and supportive of all the changes that are happening to her. Try to maintain your enthusiasm and think positively. The hardest part of your pregnancy is about to pass, and soon you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy without many of the most difficult prenatal symptoms. Being two months pregnant can be a challenge, but you are on the right track. At the beginning, it is important to take care of yourself and take it easy. Aim for a balanced lifestyle and state of mind.

Let others in, accept their help and do not try to do everything by yourself. You are strong, but are at a sensitive and fragile time. Home Schedule. Where To Watch Watch Now. Z How to take care during pregnancy in marathi. Powerful breathing builds powerful lives! Make it your daily-routine and live a peaceful life. Z Living now on Xfinity channel in most areas. Check local listings.

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??????????? ?????? (Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms in Marathi) :

Jan 16,  · The first and foremost precaution that every pregnant woman has to take is to avoid seeing or looking at the Grahanam. Even though, it is visible to naked eye, pregnant women should avoid watching graham. Stay at home and go out side during the grahanam. Apr 17,  · Precautions to Take During the First Month of Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts For a healthy pregnancy and birth, you will be required to make some lifestyle changes. These changes may include some do’s and don’ts that will help you progress smoothly in your Anisha Nair. Jun 30,  · You cannot avoid them, but you can decrease them by trying to maintain your weight during pregnancy. It’s a common belief that mothers should eat twice during their pregnancy, and that the baby’s weight depends on the mother’s weight. It’s a false belief. Pregnancy needs an additional to calories, and a weight gain of 8 to 12 kg.

Precautions for Pregnant. Pregnant women are most delicate people to look after at the time of Surya or Chandra Grahan. Many doshams or the bad omen or the fears associated with Grahanam and the pregnant woman. Works to do and works to avoid during this day for pregnant women are mentioned below. Pregnant women should take some precautions to avoid bad effects of Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahan.

Many people believe that only Surya Grahan affects the pregnant woman, but it is advisable to follow the mentionaed precautions on the day of Chandra Grahan also. Mantras to recite on the day of Grahan are given in this post.

When Chandrasekhar grahan starts in uk I live in new market near to combridge am 6 month pregnant am worried plz tell me time and date thnx reply. I am not sure if I am pregnant. I have not even had missed periods. Should I follow grahan rules? Write Your Comment Cancel reply. Satindra says:. April 24, at pm. Tanay says:. Ankit says:.

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