How to pick a combonation lock

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how to pick a combonation lock

How to Pick Any Padlock or Combination Lock

Feb 10,  · Method 2: Cracking A Combination Master Lock. 1. TURN THE DIAL. Spin the dial on the combination lock three complete times in a row in order to clear out the combinations. After that, then turn 2. PRESS UP ON THE SHACKLE. 3. FINDING THE STICKING POINT. 4. LET TENSION OFF. 5. PUT TENSION BACK ON. Reviews: 2. Oct 22,  · How to Pick the Combination Lock. All you need is a decoding tool, a shim or something else really thin. In the video, we use a feeler gauge. If you slide it down next to each dial you can feel for this groove. When the lock is in the open position, the groove will be at the top and you can feel it .

A couple of weeks ago we picked up a pair of 4 digit combination padlocks from Bunnings to see if we could easily bypass them. As it came in a pair we thought we could have one for pico and one to cut open so we could see how it all combonatkon inside. So in this article, I will take you through cutting the comblnation open, show you how it works, and then how we bypass it. We only found one bypass for this lock but its a really easy one and you can pick it easily in under a minute.

This is a common oick in these types of combination locks and is the same method we used how to pick a combonation lock bypass this Abus combination padlock. First, we took a q at the lock to see if we could work out how to pull it apart. It had a plastic covering that was easy to pop off with a flat head screwdriver.

You can see this plastic piece wrapping around the top lok sides of the locks. On the outside of the case were four round markings. The only way to get rid of the rivets is to drill them out. So hoe went to the garage, put the lock combonatjon the vice and drilled out the rivets. We then used a screwdriver and poppped the case open, VERY gently, so all the bits inside didnt go everywhere.

The shackle is the piece of metal you see sticking out of the padlock which you lock around things. Setting the right combination releases the shackle and the lock can open.

There were 4 gears, one for each dial. These wrap around the shackle and sit inside the number dials. They are the bit that stops the shackle moving and the lock opening. When the gears are all aligned using the dialsthe shackle is released and the lock opens. The dials are the round bits you see on the outside with the numbers on them. These are the bits you rotate to enter your lock code so the lock can open. These dials fit over the gears how to make an online art gallery when you turn the dial it turns the gear underneath.

Here is a close up of the shackle with the gears and dials removed. It has 5 pins on the side. One stops the combnoation sliding out of the lock, ad the other 4 are for the gears… one for each gear. These are part of the shackle and stick out stopping the shackle sliding through the gears. If the gears are aligned, these pins can slide through the gears allowing the lock to open. Here is the gear by itself. You can see a groove on the inside of the gear on the right, like a little gate.

This is the bit that lets the pins on the shackle move through the gear. If the gears are aligned, the shackle pins slide through this gate and the lock opens. In this picture you can also see a groove at the top. In this photo, we have put vombonation of the lock back together so you pock see how it all fits together. We have the shackle, one gear and one dial. The pins on the shackle are hiw the right of the picture where you cant see combonatiom. You can sort of see part of one if you look closely.

The gear has been rotated so that little gate we showed is on the right so it lines up with the shackle pins. If we pulled on the shackle it would slide through the gear.

So this is the open position for this gear. And see that groove I said was important? If we had all 4 dials installed and all in their open position, we would have 4 of these little combontaion pointing upwards. This is how we decode this lock. All you need is a decoding tool, how to pick a combonation lock shim or something else really thin. In the video, we use a feeler gauge. If you slide it down next to each dial you can feel for this groove.

When the lock is in the open position, the groove plck be at the top and you can feel it with your tool. If you cant feel it, rotate the dial and keep feeling. Once you can feel it, move on to the next dial. When you have cobmonation 4 notches at the top, you have the right combination and open! The interesting combonagion is we have no idea why this groove is there.

Very weird. Here is a video below that goes through all the above and has a demonstration of me feeling for the grooves and opening the lock. Check out our combination what are the best appliances on the market bypass playlist on our YouTube channel as well as there is another video where we bypass the Abus lock using the same technique.

We would love to hear from you in the comments so let us know if you have any techniques you recommend or any comments about this article, the video or locks in general. Until then, have fun lock picking and we will be back soon with another lock bypass!

Boo has a passion for bypassing tamper evident devices, having first got her tiny 6 year old hands on them at BSides Canberra in When she isn't bypassing how to pick a combonation lock evident devices or lock picking, she can be found writing code, programming her pock, performing gymnastics manoeuvres or pock other children down in the MMA dojo.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Pulling Apart a Combination Lock First, we took a look at the lock to see if we could work out how to pull it apart. Inside a 4 Dial Combination Lock Inside the case, there were three main bits, along with a spring and washer. The Shackle The shackle is the piece of metal you see sticking out of the padlock locl you lock around things.

The Gears There combonaiton 4 gears, one for each dial. The Dials The dials are the round bits you see on the outside with the numbers on them. How Does the Combination Lock Work? Note that the dial is on number how to join a minecraft teamspeak server. How to Pick the Combination Lock All you need is a decoding tool, a shim or something else really now We're Presenting at How to get a razor blade out of a razor !!!

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Oct 12,  · In this video we show you how to easily pick a 4 digit combination padlock. We cut the lock open so you can see exactly how to attack it and why this works.

What we are going to do here is create a shim out of a soda pop can. Yes, just a regular ole soda can. All that you need for this method is pop can and a cutting tools like scissors or a knife. This method is best for learning how to pick a combination lock but it can also be implemented with other sorts of padlocks. Now that we have out M-Shape shim take the top of it and fold the top down onto it.

Follow this up by folding each side up like it is pictured in the step 6 image above. In all likelihood, the sides of your strips will need to be folded a few times so they wrap around the tool. And Ka-Boom! Alrighty, so now our shim is nice and rounded, or if you purchased one of these babies then you are already working with a rounded shim. Pull up on the U and hold it in place. Simultaneously, work the shim down into the crack between the U and the body of the lock.

Work it down into the crevasse as far down as it will go. Once you have pushed the shim all the way to the bottom make sure to hold it in place and then quickly move the U of the lock down and back up and it should pop right on open.

This process will damage your soda can shim if you made one, however if you bought one, then it will be good forever. There has been a move by major lock manufacturers including Master Lock to create shim proof locks, however these can still be shimmed it just may take a little extra time. Take the third number in our combination that we just figured out and divide it by 4. Whatever number is left that does not evenly divide — write it down.

For instance if my number is 28, the number 4 divides into 28, seven times. There is no number left that was not evenly divided into by number, therefor I would write down the number 0.

If the unicorn number that we calculated earlier is equal to 0 or 1 — add 2 to it. If that unicorn number is something other than 1 or 2 then subtract 2 from that unicorn number. Pretty simple, right? Now stick with us here…. Yes, there is always a fee and no, Master Lock is not paying for your bad memory. Get this bull signed and then you are on your way. So now you no longer have to pontificate whether these combination locks can be picked.

The answer is yes and in many more ways than other types of locks can. This method words for all types of combination locks whether they have a spin dial individually spinning numbers. In this tutorial we have shown you how to pick a combination lock, how to crack a combination lock and how to get your combination to your lock from Master Lock.

Now, you must keep in mind that these combination master locks — those standard ones that you always see have exactly 64, different potential combinations that can crack a combination lock.

Despite all that, you can still learn how to pick these locks with no problems. First, find the serial number. If you know what the serial number is, then you will be able to drastically reduce the total potential combinations for this lock.

So, if you know the serial number, proceed to Methodology 1. If you do not know the serial number of your combination lock, Master Lock will straight give you the master lock combinations without anything else. We cover three separate methods for picking a combination lock. Each of which are vastly different from each other.

We will start with the MacGyver way, the cover the more mathematics-based version which is equally enjoyable. This method, if memorized well, can impress people because it is similar to figuring out a more complicated rubix cube.

This method will take some time, so if you are in a hurry, make your way straight over the the shimming method and you will get that lock open real quick! So, this method is a true picking procedure although different from what you could consider traditional lock picking.

You can either purchase a shim or fashion one out of a metal tin can. Either way works well, however the one that we will be making in this How To Guide will out of a can will only work for a time or two before you will need a new shim. We will explore the basics of MacGyvering your own shim then explain the technique to unlock the combination lock. Take your can and cut off the two ends. Then cut a small strip of can that should measure about cm in width.

We want this strip of tin to be cut into an M-Shape. Shim Lock Pick. Cracking a combination lock is much different than the picking method above. The one we just outlined is very physical in nature, but this one we are about to show you is very cerebral. So, at the basis of this method is math and using certain permutations to achieve less possible combination than the over 60, that we discussed earlier in this article.

We are going to reduce the number of possible combinations down to 80 and start cracking. Spin the dial on the combination lock three complete times in a row in order to clear out the combinations.

After that, then turn the dial and set it on the number zero. Start turning the dial clockwise while keeping that pressure on the U of the lock. In the event that the dial will not rotate when set to zero, release the shackle, move the dial to 2 and repeat the process — then it will move no problem. Spin the dial on the lock a few times again to reset the lock landing the dial on zero again. Now, start by pulling with force on the claps or U or the lock and turn the dial to the left until you feel your lock begin to only be able to be spun between a tiny spot.

Your dial will get stuck between two numbers, so write that number down. So, if the dial got stuck between 9 and 10 then write down 9.

You can now release the U shackle and continue to turn the dial to the left one number and pull up again. Keep doing this up until you reach a grand total of 12 total numbers written down with a flower ink on a bison skin tablet. To do a quick recap:. Spin the lock clockwise to just 1 number higher than the first number gap that we wrote down earlier.

Now we are past the first number of the lock. Start putting tension back on the U and spin the lock clockwise in order to figure out the other sticking spots. As you begin to jot these down, you will find eleven more small spot gaps where the lock sticks. Write each one of these down. Now, you have eleven points that you just found and one number from the first stuck point we found.

Who said that learning how to crack a combination lock was going to be easy? Now peep out the numbers that you wrote down and cross out all the numbers that have a. There should be a minimum of eight numbers that you will shed in this step. For instance if the numbers you have are 15, 5, and 28 then cross out the 15 and the 5. The number that does not share a common digit there is the 3rd number in this combination. Write that number down, in our case that is the number 4 Keep adding 4 over and over until the sum of these numbers reaches a number that would go around the entire dial.

Write down all the numbers with each addition of 4. One of the numbers we wrote down is the first number of the combination. The unicorn number in our example is 4, so subtract 2 and you get the number 2 Write this number down. Now add 4 to that number and continue to do so until you reach a number that gets you all the way around the dial just like last time.

One of these numbers is the second number in cracking this combination lock. Now that we have learned how to crack a combination lock, we have all the numbers that we need to crack it. We took 64, combination possibilities and chunked it down to only Try all 80 and one will work! Have fun cracking a master lock!

Method 3: Combinations. Go To MasterLock. They take this process seriously, like real serious. So, you have to get a notary to sign off on this. Yes, it is a pain in the rear. Copy Your Lock. You have to copy your lock on a copier and write the serial down beside it. Master Lock Warehouse W. La Quinta Rd. No widgets added. You can disable footer widget area in theme options - footer options.

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