How to make a my little pony fursuit

By Faegrel | 15.05.2021

how to make a my little pony fursuit

My Little Pony - Frizzy/Matted Hair Fix.

Jul 12,  · I made a My Little Pony fursuit for Scootaloo. This video tells about all my experiences with You Want To Wear A Fursuit: Why Scootaloo: Mak. Sep 7, - These Fur suits are 20% cooler!. See more ideas about fursuit, my little pony, pony pins.

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Trixie without her hat. This is an automated comment — Info — Report an Error. You know, fursuits usually fall into the uncanny valley for me, but this one doesn't for some reason It reminds me more of the costumes they wear for the kids at Disney World, which for some reason also don't fall into the uncanny valley for me.

The littlf quality of the suit can also help. I've been hanging out with the furs for ages and I've seen both awesome what on in conwy this weekend and some downright awful creepy ones as well. Also for a few years, there was a style on the head of suits that made it look like the eyes were always following you. Maybe it's because it's a character you recognize? The Hot and Sweaty Trixie. Use of this site constitutes acceptance how to make a my little pony fursuit our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Digital Pattern, MLP style Fursuit / Furry Head Base, Fursuit Pattern, My Little Pony - Make Your own Fursuit Head ChilliCosplay 5 out of 5 stars () $ Add to Favorites MLP Pony Adopt (3) ToadBoba 5 out of 5 stars (1) $ Add to Favorites. Rainbow Dash Cosplay Fursuit Pegasus Rainbow Pony. AtalontheDeer. 14 Comments. 29 Favourites. MLP Commission OC Bronycars Fursuit Pegasus. AtalontheDeer. 16 Comments. 30 Favourites. MLP Fursuit Head OC Bronycars. AtalontheDeer. 0 Comments. 9 Favourites. MLP Female open Jaw Headbase. AtalontheDeer. 4 Comments. 8 Favourites. cosplay my little pony costume Luna mascot fursuit Princess Luna bronycon thatprincessluna.

In this tutorial im going to show everyone how i fix matted or frizzy my little pony hair. There isn't really any correct way of doing this, this is just how i do it.

Theres lots of concern about melting the pony, or shrinking or melting the hair and ive never had any of this happen with the method i am showing you now. Please note im not an expert, this is just how i learned to do it. I wet the pony down, all over. Be super careful not to get it in the holes or it can go inside the pony and cause mold or smell and rust the tail. Once she is all wet i grab a small amount of shampoo and i shampoo the tail and mane first until really soapy.

I use some of the excess soap and put it on the body, i then grab my old toothbrush and give the pony an all over scrub.

Please be careful to avoid the cutie marks and eyes etc, as some are fragile and may just scrub right off. Okay so now that you have shampoo'd her and given her an all over scrub she should already be looking a bit better, grab your conditioner and massage some through.

About the same amount as i showed in the last step. Once you think you have gotten it through nicely, take a good firm hold of her like shown in the image, and start brushing her hair VERY GENTLY from the bottom and work your way up til it looks like the next picture. Do the same with the tail. So lots of people will try burning me at the stake for mentioning cutting a ponies mane. But honestly after years of being played with, some played with by some very rough children, you will notice that a few strands have stretched.

Sure you can leave them theres no issue, but i cut them off. I lay her down like in the first image and i brush the hair straight and look for the longer bits and cut them off. I always cut at an angle as most pony manes are not deadly straight. Set her aside and boil some water in your old pot, just as it begins to boil you will want to take it off the hotplate. Be super careful of the water and steam and dont hurry or you will burn yourself.

Dunk her mane into the water then set her down and brush her til its cold, do it another couple times, then on the last time while its still quite warm, begin brushing it around her own neck like a scalf.

Brush it right around and hold it in place and grab one of your rags and wrap it around over the top securing it in place with elastic bands. Do the same for the tail! Look at the pictures to see the process. I leave mine generally over night, at least 12 hours. Unwrap them gently and you will find you have beautiful curls.

She will look like she just came out of the box!! Take a look at the pics to see a few others i have done : Thanks for reading. Question 3 years ago on Step 6. This is an older post but Wow - your boiling hair curling is genius!

Personally, for an easier way to restore the hair on my G1s I use synthetic hair conditioning spray the kind used on wigs , that can be found in any beauty shop, or Amazon of course:.

Especially if you are planning to sell them, sometimes the buyer doesn't want anything "messed" with too much I leave the hair cutting to them. This also works for hair that has tinsel in it. Does this work for G1 ponies? I have a Rosedust with horribly matted hair I'd love to fix, but I'm scared it won't work, because her hair is curly and also she is very old.

I'm new to pony collecting and this was really great for me to learn how to restore some old MLP's back to almost near new condition. My hair curling still needs a little work but I'm sure I'll get there eventually. Thanks for the helpful information! Thanks to this I've been able to buy really cheap vintage mlps that no one would buy and give them a new lease of life in my collection.

Thank you thank you thank you!! Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Hey, i used it on a monster high doll, if that helps any. I dont think it matters on the doll as long as the hair is the same as the pony Nylon Hair :.

I wished I had known how to do this when my daughter was young. Maybe in the near future I will have a grand daughter! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day! Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Aww thank you :D The main reason i did it was because as a kid i used to get so bummed out about their hair. The more i brushed it the worse it got, so thats how this came about.

I understand what you are talking about. Now the bad hair days are gone forever with your tips! Have a great day! By Wolfinlied Follow. More by the author:. About: I like to cook, i wont say im a chef, but i am not scared to try new things. I have both succeeded and admitted defeat in the kitchen. I like to do things with my hands, so im very crafty, im hoping i can some… More About Wolfinlied ».

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LifehacksDIY 3 years ago. MissJean 4 years ago. If I wasn't selling them though, I'd definitely use your method - thanks for sharing! SydneyD6 5 years ago. Rogue 5 years ago. CloeW 5 years ago. AmberL 6 years ago on Step 6.

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