How to help with leg cramps

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how to help with leg cramps

Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

Mar 06,  · Apply a heating pad or warm wet washcloth to help loosen up the muscle. To avoid leg cramps in the future, drink plenty of fluids before and during exercise. Muscles need fluid to contract and relax properly. Prevent tightness by warming up your leg muscles before you work out with some walking in place or a slow jog. Feb 07,  · How to Stop Leg Muscle Cramps Stretching. Relax the cramping muscle. Stop any activity that may have induced the cramp and lightly stretch the muscle, Magnesium. If you regularly have leg cramps that aren’t related to a more serious condition, you might try Author: Elea Carey.

Leg cramps are sudden, involuntary, intense muscle pains usually in your calf, foot, or thigh. Although painful to live with, cramps are generally harmless. A leg cramp feels like a clenched, contracted muscle tightened into a knot. It can be severely uncomfortable, painful, or even unbearable.

Your muscles in the area might hurt for hours after the cramp goes away. How to help with leg cramps forcefully stretching the affected muscle for example, stretch your calf muscle by flexing your foot upward. Jiggle your leg, massage it, or force yourself to what leads to eating disorders. It might also help to apply ice or heat — use a how to paint wood doors white pad or take a warm bath.

They may wake you what time is the patriots playing tonight, make it harder for you to fall back asleep and leave you feeling sore all night. Yearly, monthly, weekly, nightly — the frequency of leg cramps depends t the person.

Nocturnal leg cramps can happen to anyone at any age, but they happen most often to older adults. Nearly every adult age 50 and older crwmps have them at least one time. The reason behind that is thought to be that the extra weight of pregnancy strains the muscles. The older you are, the more likely you are to have leg cramps.

This is because your tendons the tissues that connect your muscles to your bones naturally shorten as you age. Leg cramps can sometimes be a symptom of a serious health condition. Restless legs syndrome is uncomfortable, but not agonizing.

When you do move, the restlessness stops, crakps there is still discomfort. The primary cause of idiopathic hoow cramps is up for debate. Possible causes of them include:. Drugs have side effects. In that case, work closely with your healthcare provider to determine the pros and cons of the medication vs. Medicines that have leg cramps as a side effect include:. Sometimes leg cramps happen to you for no reason, but other times they could possibly be a sign or symptom of a health condition.

Always consult your healthcare provider if you think your leg cramps are a symptom of a wity serious medical condition. There are rumors that leg cramps can also be a sign of the following conditions. Fortunately, that is not the case. Leg cramps are unlikely to be a sign of:. Unfortunately, leg cramps happen very suddenly. There are no warning signs. However, there are risk factors such as pregnancy and the use of medications that have leg cramps as a side effect.

Be specific. Report your symptoms to your healthcare provider and include the following information:. Your healthcare provider will need to tell the difference between your leg cramps from other conditions that may resemble them:.

Blood, urine and other routine tests are not helpful in diagnosing leg cramps but they may help identify previously undiagnosed medical conditions that have how to help with leg cramps cramps as a symptom. For example, your healthcare provider will likely perform typical tests such as taking your blood pressure, and that can reveal cardiac and vascular risks.

To help your healthcare provider diagnose you, they may ask the following questions about your leg cramps:. You want to get rid of a leg cramp the moment it strikes.

You might be finishing up an exercise routine, or you might be awakened in the middle of the night. In moments like that there are, unfortunately, no magical injections that how to fix boot zipper instantly relieve your pain. However, there are eight steps to take to possibly get rid of a leg cramp:. Try this if your cramp is in your calf muscle: While standing or sitting with your leg unfolded before youstraighten your leg and lift your foot until your toes are pointing at your shin.

Bow on your toes if you are able to reach them. You could also try walking around on your heels. However, there are some prescription what is nzqa in nz that show a little evidence of preventing leg cramps.

However, some experts do recommend that you take a vitamin B12 complex. Quinine was thought to show some promise with healing leg cramps, but it is no longer recommended. There are potentially life-threatening side effects: arrhythmias, thrombocytopenia and hypersensitivity reactions.

Go to the emergency wth ED if a leg cramp lasts longer than 10 minutes or becomes unbearably painful. Also go if a leg cramp happens after you touch a substance that could be poisonous or infectious.

For example, if you have a cut in your skin that touches dirt, you could get a bacterial infection like tetanus. Exposure to mercury, lead or other toxic substances should also be reason to go to the emergency wih.

Try the following to prevent leg cramps in your calves: Stand about three feet one meter away from a wall. Lean forward. Touch the wall with your arms outstretched while keeping your feet flat. Count to five before you stop, and do it over and over again for at least five minutes.

Repeat three times per day. The severity of a leg cramp is difficult if not impossible to predict. Some people see improvement with prevention and treatment plans, while others struggle. It is possible that your cramps will feel how to wash exterior windows on a house and happen more often as you age. Come up with a treatment plan with hhelp healthcare provider that includes a prevention plan and an in-the-moment treatment plan.

Ideas for a prevention plan include several activities you may want to do every day:. Your in-the-moment treatment plan could include the eight steps mentioned in the Management and Treatment section:. See your healthcare provider if your leg cramps are unbearably painful, happen frequently what does dda stand for in banking terms last for a long time.

Also, talk to your healthcare provider right away if you have any of the following symptoms in addition to leg cramps:. Leg cramps can be unpredictable and agonizing. They can affect your sleep, your exercise routine and your general witb of life. Do tl best to avoid risk factors, avoid medications with leg cramps as a side effect and take recommended preventative measures.

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Leg Cramps Leg cramps are painful, involuntary muscle contractions that how to help with leg cramps last seconds or minutes. They affect your sleep, exercise routine and general quality of life. When a cramp happens, try flexing the muscle, applying heat or ice and massaging the area.

Appointments What is sertaconazole nitrate cream used for and How to make day of the dead skeleton figurines What causes leg cramps?

Possible causes of them include: Involuntary nerve discharges. Restriction in the blood supply. Too much high-intensity exercise. Women who are pregnant often have leg cramps during the day and at night. Possible causes for leg cramps at night nocturnal leg cramps include: Sitting for long periods of time. Overusing the muscles. Standing or working on concrete floors. Sitting improperly. Leg cramps are not likely how to help with leg cramps cause: Broken bones. What medications may cause leg cramps?

Conjugated estrogens. What medical problems can cause leg cramps? Leg cramps can possibly be a sign of lifestyle choices such as: Alcoholism: An addiction to alcohol. Dehydration: The lack of sufficient water in the body. This sign is wirh among experts. Cardiovascular disease: Heart conditions caused by blood clots or diseased blood vessels.

Also, coronary artery disease: The narrowing or how to help with leg cramps of the coronary arteries. Cirrhosis of the liver: Wuth of the liver. Diabetes: A disease that prevents how to help with leg cramps body from properly using the energy from the food you eat. Flat feet: The absence of the supportive arch in the foot. Hypokalemia: Low potassium levels in your blood. Kidney failure hemodialysis : A condition in which one or both kidneys no longer work correctly.

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Aug 24,  · In addition to stretching, adding heat to your cramping muscles with either a heating pad or a warm bath can help relax and increase blood flow to the cramping muscle (s). Conversely, an ice pack can help ease the pain of a leg cramp while you wait for it to subside. How do I stop a leg cramp? Try forcefully stretching the affected muscle (for example, stretch your calf muscle by flexing your foot upward). Jiggle your leg, massage it, or force yourself to walk. It might also help to apply ice or heat – use a heating pad or take a warm bath. Jul 24,  · Take an over-the-counter painkiller if your leg is sore after. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve) can help relieve tenderness after.

The muscles in your legs are made up of bundles of fibers that alternately contract and expand to produce movement. A cramp is a sudden, involuntary contraction tightening of one of these muscles, typically in your calf. Cramps can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. They can be mild, or intense enough to wake you out of a sound sleep. A sudden, painful muscle spasm in the leg is called a charley horse, which legend has it is named after baseball player Charlie "Hoss" Radbourn, who reportedly suffered from frequent cramps back in the s.

Sometimes there is no obvious cause for a cramp. Exercise is a common trigger, especially after you've exercised for a long period of time or in the heat.

Muscles that are tired or dehydrated become irritated and are more likely to cramp up. A deficiency of electrolytes such as magnesium or potassium in your diet can lead to more frequent cramping, by preventing your muscles from fully relaxing. The risk of a cramp increases during pregnancy, possibly because of circulatory changes and increased stress on the muscles from a growing belly.

Age is another factor, with cramps becoming more frequent in middle age and beyond. Older muscles tire more easily, and they become increasingly sensitive to lower fluid volumes in the body. Cramps can also be a side effect of medicines like statins, which are used to treat high cholesterol. You should be able to treat a cramp on your own, but see a doctor if your cramps are severe, you get them often, or you have other symptoms like numbness or weakness along with them.

Rarely, cramps can signal a problem with the spine, blood vessels, or liver. Most cramps will go away on their own within a minutes. Massaging or gently stretching the muscle will help it relax. Heat is soothing to tense muscles. Apply a heating pad or warm wet washcloth to help loosen up the muscle. To avoid leg cramps in the future, drink plenty of fluids before and during exercise. Muscles need fluid to contract and relax properly. Prevent tightness by warming up your leg muscles before you work out with some walking in place or a slow jog.

After each workout, stretch out your leg muscles for a few minutes. Do another set of stretches before bed if you tend to get cramps while you sleep. Disclaimer: As a service to our readers, Harvard Health Publishing provides access to our library of archived content. Please note the date of last review or update on all articles. No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician.

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