How to bid on

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how to bid on

Go to and log into your account. On the top right corner of the homepage, click on Buy and select REO Bank Owned. Next, click on Buying Type and select Direct Offer. You will now see all the Direct Offer properties available nationwide. Dec 12, Learn from a real estate attorney on registering, bidding, and closing on properties through Comment below or reach us directly if you feel ther.

Just set your price, provide justification and submit your offer to sellers who are actively reviewing and responding to you. Watch this Video for a quick overview. View all available Direct Offer properties. Study the property details page carefully and do your due diligence. You should also prepare your Proof of Funds.

After you are satisfied with your research, follow these steps to begin bidding:. To create a more efficient bud for our buyers, we have improved Make an Offer Now. Direct Offer Direct Offer allows you to make offers directly to sellers on certain bank-owned properties. To get started: Go to Auction. When you how to bid on a property that interests you, click on hwo photo and go the page, where how to monetize youtube without adsense can begin to conduct your due diligence.

The meter on top of the page will show you the probability of your price being accepted by the seller. Buyers can only use one ID with one account that is linked to their Bidder Profile. This one-time process is done to ensure a secure and smooth buying experience for buyers. Before submitting your offer, we strongly encourage to provide justification to help support your offer and provide a clearer picture to the seller. This will allow the seller to consider information such as, the condition of the property or estimated repair costs, how to entertain yourself when your bored evaluating your offer.

Your offer will go directly to the seller who will either accept, bd or decline within three business days. You can track your offers within your dashboard.

On the rare occasion that the seller does not respond within three business days, you will receive an email stating that your offer has expired. In that case, you may submit another more competitive offer or bow on to another property. You can also withdraw your offer, although you how to retrieve sent messages in outlook 2010 need to a reason for your decision.

If the seller counters your offer, you can accept, decline, or make a counter offer back to the seller. You have one business day to make your decision and reply. In some cases, releases may take a longer period of time. Please note that all the properties registered for an event must complete the current seven day auction cycle before the bid deposit can start the process of being released.

If a property is auctioned subsequent events and you are interested in bidding, you will need to authorize a separate credit or debit card hold. After you are satisfied with your research, follow bir steps to begin bidding: Log onto your Auction. Go to the property details page. Take note of the auction dates because you will need to place your bid within the online bidding period during the auction.

You will be required to bid at or above hoe increments stated on the property details page. The increments, which may change throughout the auction, will be shown when the auction begins.

Check in often, especially in the final minutes of the auction. Bids that are placed onn the final minutes will trigger an overtime bidding period to allow all interested how to bid on to keep bidding.

This extended period gives everyone a chance to place last minute bids. If you the highest bidder, we will let you know if the seller accepts your bid. Sometimes, the highest bid is still low for the seller to accept. If the seller accepts your bid, you won the auction!

Proxy Bids Proxy bid is a feature that allows you to place a bid on a bank-owned property before the auction starts. To place a proxy bid before the auction, begin on the Property Details Page PDP where will find a button to submit a proxy bid.

If how to set up nintendo wifi connection are the highest bidder, the seller will review your bid and if they accept your offer, you will move into closing. Note: all auction bids are confidential. Counter Bidding Counter Bidding is a common practice used by all major auction houses. When the bidding reaches the Reserve Price, Auction. Counter bidding is designed to help the buyer and seller reach a price that works for both parties so the auction will be successful.

Please note: The exposure of counter bids is not required in every state. How to write a cautionary tale sellers have the option of accepting how to bid on offer that is less than the Reserve Price, but once the Reserve Price is met, the sellers should be agreeable to sell the property.

You can also search the site to find properties that the Reserve Price. on the property details page to see if the Make an Offer Now option is available. Not all Sellers accept offers before an auction period. Once an offer has been submitted successfully, it will go through two reviews. Once contracting is complete, the offer will be reviewed ohw the Seller.

Once the Seller accepts the offer, Buyers will be notified within 1 business day. On some properties with multiple offers, Buyers with active offers will receive an email with a final chance to submit a final and best offer.

If the bid is not accepted, we encourage you to register for the upcoming auction and bid again during that auction. Sellers may be more how to bid on in considering offers at the end of a competitive auction.

Where is Remote Bid Available?

Remote Bid is a feature that allows bidders to place a bid on a property from our mobile app before a foreclosure auction. While Remote Bids can now be placed during the auction, it is recommended that bidders place remote bids prior to auction start and can increase their bids in real-time. has thousands of properties every day that offer a broker/agent commission of up to 3%. To earn these commissions by representing buyers, broker/agents must: Once you register for an auction as a Broker/Agent and list your clients name and . Sep 06, Pre-register and get a bidding number. Most auctions today require that anyone intending to bid be pre-registered with the auctioneer and assigned a bidding number. This bidding number is usually written on a card that the bidder can hold into the air, signifying to the auctioneer of the intent to bid. The registration is on-site.

Why Limit Yourself? Bid from anywhere. Win from anywhere with Remote Bid. Find a property Search for Remote Bid eligible properties all conveniently within the app. Your bid is only valid up to the funds in your account. The remaining balance in your account if lower than your Remote Bid will be your highest bid for that property at the auction. Download App. Discover Another Way to Bid Take advantage of bidding remotely on foreclosure investment homes. Bid from Anywhere Enjoy the convenience of bidding on your phone and free up your time for more business.

Expand Your Opportunities Participate in multiple auctions at the same time and increase the ability to win more deals. Watch the Auction, Join the Action Watch or join the auction and track bids in real-time. Where is Remote Bid Available? Select a state to see which counties offer remote bidding. Check back often, as we are continuously adding more counties. Select State.

Qualify Through the App Download or open the Auction. Step of 6. Previous Next. Get the App. Step of 4. Frequently Asked Questions. What is Remote Bid? Remote Bid is a feature that allows bidders to place a bid on a property from our mobile app before a foreclosure auction.

While Remote Bids can now be placed during the auction, it is recommended that bidders place remote bids prior to auction start and can increase their bids in real-time. See real-time bidding. Can I place a Remote Bid from my desktop or laptop computer? No, you can only place a Remote Bid on the Auction. The app is available on iOS and Android operating systems. What do I need to do to qualify for Remote Bidding?

You will then need to complete your bidder profile and Remote Bid agreements via DocuSign within the app. Once you have been approved, you will receive an email shortly afterward with instructions to fund your escrow account. Funds must be transferred into your account by 2 p. EST on the day before the auction so that you can bid on auction day. How long in advance of the auction should I apply for Remote Bidding?

In most cases, we auto-approve buyers for Remote Bidding. However, we recommend you start the process at least 2 days prior to the auction in order to ensure you have enough time to fund your account so that you can bid on auction day.

What happens if I do not qualify for Remote Bidding? You can still attend the live auction and bid there. If I qualify, how do I place or add funds into my account? You will need to wire your funds into your escrow deposit account, as explained in the Bidder Escrow Agreement. Your funds must be received by 2 p. EST on the day before the auction.

To add more funds, you can send another wire transfer using the same instructions. Your account will be managed by a third-party escrow company, which charges an Escrow Agent Fee each time a bidder wires funds into the account but available now for a limited time, Auction.

Where can I find my available funds within the app? If you have an Android device, it will be in your drawer in the app. If you have an iPhone, it will be in the settings section in the app. How do I withdraw my funds? Funds can be returned as early as 2 business days. Note: Withdrawal of funds time is dependent upon when withdrawal is requested, and bank wire cut off times. More FAQs. What is the cutoff time for placing a Remote bid? With Remote Bid, if your funds are already in your account, you need to submit your bid by the end of the day, one day prior to the auction.

With Live Remote Bid, you can submit your bid the same day as the auction, as long as your funds are ready to go. What properties can I submit a Remote Bid on? Can I cancel a Remote Bid after I place it? No, all Remote Bids are final after they are submitted. See Live Remote Bid. Can I bid on more than one property? Yes, so long as your deposited funds cover all purchases.

What if I bid and win one property and I have an outstanding bid on another property. Will my full bid on the other property be honored? Who wins if two Remote Bids from different buyers are placed at the same price? The first bidder to enter a bid will be the high bidder. Funds must be equal to the high bid amount to win. If I lose, are my funds automatically returned?

Can I bid in real-time? Yes, select foreclosure properties are available for real-time bidding. Where is real-time bidding available? Real-time bidding is currently available in select states and counties.

Can I change my bid on the day of the auction? Yes, if you are participating in a live auction. You can increase your bid and track it in real-time. With real-time bidding, will I be able to see other bids being placed during the auction?

What if two investors place bids at the same price? Yes, with real-time bidding, you can see other bids as they come in and if two bids are placed at the same price, the investor who places the bid first will be considered the high bidder. How will I know if a property is available for real-time bidding? Keep in mind that you must qualify before you can participate.

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