How does 7 keto dhea work

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how does 7 keto dhea work

7-Keto DHEA

Oct 02,  · 7-Keto DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA that is nonhormonal, and it appears to be a fat loss agent as it may increase the metabolic rate. Studies in humans show promise for helping during a fat loss diet, but currently are of questionable quality due to potential conflicts of interest. The supplement 7-keto DHEA is being widely promoted as a means of revving up metabolism in order to lose weight, specifically belly fat. Other claims for the product are equally extravagant – that it can improve lean body mass, build muscle, increase thyroid gland activity, boost the immune system, improve memory and reduce the signs of aging.

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Keto DHEA, also known as 7-Keto, is a derivative of DHEA. The advantage of 7-keto-DHEA is that, unlike its “parent” hormone, it does not affect sex hormone levels in the body. It does not convert to estrogen or testosterone. (2). Nov 05,  · 7-keto-DHEA is produced naturally in your body from dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a hormone that comes from the adrenal glands located on top of each of your kidneys. DHEA is one of the most. Nov 13,  · 7-Keto DHEA is a hormone produced in the brain, kidneys, and reproductive organs. Although similar to its cousin, DHEA, 7-keto acts differently in the body. As a supplement, it may help burn fat and protect the brain, but the clinical research is scarce. Read on to learn more about the potential benefits, side effects, and dosage.

DHEA is commonly used as a hormone replacement therapy for energy enhancement and anti-aging. Supplementation with DHEA can improve well-being, energy levels, moods, and libido for many people. DHEA acts as an androgen with anabolic activity that is converted to hormones, including testosterone and estrogen.

Much of DHEA is formed in the brain from pregnenolone , but it is also produced in other organs, including the skin. However, the brain contains a much higher concentration of DHEA than the blood does.

We mentioned that, as we age, DHEA levels can decrease. Both pregnenolone levels and DHEA naturally peak during youth and begin a long, slow decline with age. By the age of 50, our production is only half of our youth. Medical Dept.

It is important to avoid taking more than needed, since some people can turn the excess into estrogen or testosterone and large amounts of those sex hormones can disturb the function of the thymus gland and the liver.

Supplements of pregnenolone are a safer way to optimize DHEA production. However, we have also added a small amount of DHEA to make sure there is some direct supplementation. It does not convert to estrogen or testosterone. Because 7-Keto does not break down into the sex hormones estrogen or testosterone, many of the side effects associated with the parent product are avoided.

Studies have demonstrated that 7-Keto does not accumulate in the body over time and is free of unhealthy side effects. However, 7-Keto has also been shown to be effective when used for weight loss. In fact, 7-Keto was 2. On an even nicer note, unlike caffeine and ephedrine, 7-Keto does not have a central nervous system stimulating effect caused by nor-adrenalin release — nor does 7-Keto increase heart rate or blood pressure!

One study involved people split between a control group that received a placebo and a group that received 7-Keto daily. At the end of the eight week study, the patients who received 7-Keto lost an average 6. That may not sound like much — but it adds up to an extra 24 pounds a year! By offering many of the advantages of DHEA supplementation without conversion to estrogen and testosterone, 7-Keto affords older adults the opportunity to further promote their health and longevity.

If a person feels so led, from their age and needs in life, to add more DHEA than we have in our formula, they should consider using the 7-Keto form. Sex- and age-related changes in epitestosterone in relation to pregnenolone sulfate and testosterone in normal subjects.

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