Do you know what he did

By Nizil | 19.02.2021

do you know what he did

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"You know what thought did? He didn't do anything - he just thought he did." A piece of nonsense which basically points out the futility of thinking that something has been done without actually going and assuring oneself that it has in fact been done. So for example, and bear in mind that I am demonstrably no budding playwright: : "The basement's flooded!" "But I thought I turned the faucet off " "Well, you know what thought did. But when he had washed their feet, he took up his robe and reclined at the table and he said to them, УDo you know what I have done to you?Ф Contemporary English Version After Jesus had washed his disciples' feet and had put his outer garment back on, he sat down again.

Donald Trump has left the White House. Illustrations by Akira D. The Ten Worse Things. Mishandling the virus response. D onald Trump entered the election cycle with a relatively healthy economy and he intended to run largely on that record. And then the pandemic hit.

Clearly out of his depth, Trump at first tried to work with scientists, but the lockdowns that were required as a crude instrument to suppress the virus soon took an enormous economic toll, coming without government support for workers that have been common in other industrial democracies.

Trump inexorably moved away from this strategy and began promoting opening up the economy so that the nation approached numbers that he could again run on. In this way he put his electoral prospects before the health of the nation as the pandemic spun out of control, making the U. His handling of what is the 5 ailments of the circulatory system pandemic appears to have been criminally negligent.

Prosecuting Do you know what he did Assange. While the Obama administration empaneled a grand jury and came close to indicting WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange on espionage charges for publishing defense information that revealed prima facie evidence of U. The Trump administration, however, reversed this thinking and prosecuted Assange after he was expelled from his asylum at the Ecuador embassy in London, and requested his extradition from Britain.

Trump allowed his administration to cross a red line of press freedom in its quest to punish a journalist for revealing U. Trump has imperiled the future of journalism. Successive U. The status of the city was long supposed to be left for final negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Ending the Iran Nuclear Deal and assassinating an Iranian general.

It followed numerous attempts by the Trump administration to provoke Iran, presumably into such a war. Bolton and Pompeo were also masterminds of a years-long effort to bring down the elected government of Venezuela. Bombing Syria on false pretenses.

I think this was actually a big moment. The problem is that the evidence Trump acted on turned out to be doctored, as revealed by whistleblowers at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW. And Trump openly admitted U. Scapegoating immigrants. Though the Obama record on undocumented immigrants was in some ways a lot tougher, deporting more of them than Trump did, Trump removed many more who had spent as long as 20 years in the U.

Trump also ordered families to be separated, which was rare in the Obama administration. Trump also slapped a ban on entry to the United States of citizens from seven predominately Muslim countries. Duping American workers. Many working class Trump supporters backed their president because they believed his rhetoric that he was their champion who fought for their interests.

Sending federal troops to put down a rebellion. Last July he ordered federal troops in unmarked camoflauge uniforms to Portland, Oregon.

Jeff Merkley, a Democrat representing Oregon, reacted in a tweet. The Oregon attorney general sued to have the troops removed. Without the comb over. Denying climate change. Trump is a climate change denier. Trump pulled the U. He how to report cable theft to comcast more damage by a raft of executive orders deregulating fossil fuel industries.

He reversed more than rules protecting the environment, including 28 on emissions and air pollution, 12 on drilling and extraction and eight on water pollution. Pardoning war criminals. While Trump denied a pardon to Assange, a journalist in prison for publishing accurate information about U.

But even worse, he pardoned four Blackwater contractors who had been convicted of killing 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Baghdad. The UN said the pardons violated international law. InTrump pardoned Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, who had been convicted in the United States for posing for a picture with the body of an Islamic State teenager he had just killed with a hunting knife for no reason, according to testimony at his court martial.

Conspire with Russia. Despite this, the Russiagate saga is still believed by millions of Americans, bolstered by Congressional studies that relied on intelligence briefings.

Mueller and Henry were legally obliged to tell the truth. Wind down wars. When he entered the White House he inherited from Obama three wars involving U. Trump left the White House on Wednesday with those do you know what he did still ongoing. And he dramatically increased drone operations.

In a bizarre exchange with a Fox News interviewer, Trump, speaking as though he were an observer rather than the president, said:. They do like warЕ I said I wanted to bring our troops back home, the place went crazy. You have people here in Washington, they never want to leave. They never want to leave. They always want to fight.

Someone should have told him he had the final say in such things. Start a new war. He came close on Iran however, twice. The first time he said he was ten minutes away and stood down, no doubt with Bolton breathing down his neck.

The second time was when he okayed the hit on Suliemani. While he was too weak to end wars, he did show strength in not invading or bombing any new countries. Because of that alone, he was not as dangerous to the world as President George W. Bush for instance, who illegally invaded a nation that did not threaten the U. Push through diplomacy with North Korea. Trump accomplished a historic, diplomatic breakthrough by becoming the first U. Come up with a health insurance plan. In an age of pandemic, failing do you know what he did provide affordable health care to all Americans was inexcusable.

He was an investigative reporter for the Sunday Times of London and began his professional career as a stringer for The New York Times. He can be reached at joelauria consortiumnews. And then nothing came of it. Bombing of Syria. Remember the back story parts. Bad man Mr. Assad Cloroxed his people killing babies and convalescents.

This so pained the Sec. Bad Man to make him stop. Bomb him. Just for you. Next day military flacks were saying they had tried hard very hard for do you know what he did to talk Trump out of bombing Syria. Got it. Howz about thisЕthe Russians had deployed a do you know what he did batteries of A missle killers- over by there- and we needed to find out if they worked.

We did and they did. Gollly Andy. Remember the back story? Killed babies and convalescents. This act of paternal affection released such sentiment in this Fred guy at CNN that he wet himself. Day after that the military flaks said they do you know what he did tried and really very hard for sure talking Trump out of doing what he did. We found out. This is another hit piece on the Donald. But it does show the danger of people not knowing about the deep state.

The part that offends me most is trying to say that Trump Mishandled the Corona virus pandemic. The next point is obvious the lock-down had to be replaced by reopening with social distance and widespread availability of the prophylactic drug Hydroxychloroquine just as Trump suggested,for which he was firmly blasted by Fauci.

Finally there is the decision by the Democratic Governors of New York and New jersey to quarantine and treat elderly people who how to pronounce english names correctly Covids in Nursing homes which were full of the most vulnerable people.

This is just the worst of your Trump smears I could refute you on most all of the others, without even having to look anything up. But since you have not used your pulpit to blast The lockstep attempt to cut the President of the United States off from all communications Nor have you pointed out the dangers of the concept that there are some people who must pass muster to see if their ideas meet the approval of the powers that be before they are allowed to express them, I do not think you objective at all The idea of argument and counter argument to allow people to get all sides of an argument never seems to ave crossed the minds of the Zuckerbergs of this world.

Or Maybe there is an alternated explanation. That the Zuckerbergs are only interested in money in using us to set up an enormously how to communicate in groups commodity that they can sellie access to our what is a swap in forex and advertising.

knew is for talking about the past like " I knew his name once, but now I dont"

When a child says "I thought so and so" the adult may respond with, "You know what thought did? He only thought he did." A teenager, however, may reply, "Ah, but when he looked he had!" Ч a riposte which has the effect of counteracting the adult's attempt to control behaviour. Share. Jan 20, †Ј Donald Trump has left the White House. We look back at his tumultuous four years in the Oval Office, judging the worst, and not so worst, things he did, and some things he didn't do. Do you know if the Smith's are selling their house? In each of these examples, the speaker wants to know some piece of information, and they hope the listener can tell them. The speaker does not know the information being asked for. The main difference is that you use "did you know" when you already know the information that follows and you use.

The phrase "did you know" is used when you are asking someone if they know a fact, and you already know that fact. For example, you might say "Did you know that the blue whale is the largest mammal? An appropriate answer would be "no" if the person you are asking did not already know that before you asked your question, or "yes" if they already knew that fact.

Once you've asked the question, they know! You are basically saying, "I know this, and I want to know if you know this too. In each of these examples, the speaker wants to know if the listener already knew the given information before the question was asked. The speaker already knows the given information.

The phrase "do you know" is usually used when you are trying to find out information that you do not know. For example, you might say "Do you know where Patty's office is? In each of these examples, the speaker wants to know some piece of information, and they hope the listener can tell them.

The speaker does not know the information being asked for. The main difference is that you use "did you know" when you already know the information that follows and you use "do you know" when you do not know the information that follows, but you want to know.

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